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Name:Open Core Oil immersed Transfoemer

Including: oil-immersed distribution transformer, dry-type transformer, traction transformer, wind power transformer, frequency conversion transformer, rectifier transformer, test transformer, large power transformer, etc.

Folding three-dimensional open core is based on the original closed-end winding structure core. An open position is set at the upper end of the three core pillars. When assembling the body, only the upper yoke is taken out, then the coil is inserted into the core pillar. Finally, the upper yoke is inserted and positioned. The whole assembly process is almost identical with the traditional laminated transformer process.
A. Cores and coils can be manufactured separately, which greatly improves production efficiency and is suitable for mass production.
B. In transformer assembly, coil sleeve can effectively take protection measures against sudden short-circuit and improve the ability of product to resist sudden short-circuit.
C. The coil is easy to replace, the production efficiency is improved, and the later maintenance of the product is facilitated.
D. The core of large capacity dry-change, oil-change and special-change products can be processed with less loss, and products with large capacity or voltage grade can not be annealed.
E. Dry transformation no longer requires special coil casting die, which can improve production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs. Especially for super-large capacity products, the performance is more prominent and the advantages are more obvious.
F. Comparing with closed coil core;
1. Because the height of the core window does not need to consider the space occupancy of the winding die, the height of the window can be reduced.
2. Because the coil adopts a sleeve structure, the distance between the whole core and the coil is reduced without considering the detachment between the coil and the core; therefore, the weight of the core and the coil material can be reduced, the iron loss and copper loss can be reduced, and the cost of the whole raw material can be reduced.