Patented products: foldable three-dimensional open core oil-immersed transformer

Patent No: 201710681797X


Folding three-dimensional open core oil-immersed transformer is based on the original closed-coil core oil-immersed transformer, the end of the core column is set up with an open area respectively. Coil sleeve is used in insulation assembly. Folding open oil-immersed transformer is a combination of traditional laminated core transformer, open single-joint transformer and closed coil core transformer. It solves the technological problems in mass production, solves the technological problems in mass production, and meets the requirements of national standards and energy-saving products.
1, iron core
With folding open core, each core frame is assembled by several precise folding forming tapes from inside to outside. Single-phase and three-phase core assembled by single-frame iron can be solidified and bonded to make the core a solid whole.
2. Strong Short Circuit Resistance
The unique structure of folding open core and the coil assembly technology are used to fully exert and effectively take the protection measures against sudden short-circuit, which has the characteristics of strong short-circuit resistance.
3. Maintainability
The folding open core is easy to replace the coil, which makes the transformer maintainable and conforms to the development trend of the transformer.
4. Production efficiency: In the process of transformer production, cores and coils can be manufactured separately. The coil can be wound on a common winding machine, which not only guarantees the manufacturing quality of the coil, but also improves the production efficiency of the coil, and is suitable for batch production.
5. Save Material
(1) Core window height can reduce the window height because it does not need the space restriction of winding die, so it can reduce the weight of core and coil, thus reducing iron loss and coil copper loss, and effectively saving material costs.
(2) The coil of open core transformer is wound separately, and the distance between outer diameter of core coil and core can be reduced accordingly, thus reducing the amount of core and coil, reducing iron loss and copper loss of coil, and saving material cost.
6. Good mechanical strength
The upper and lower clamps are integral, which protects the whole core from external forces during manufacture and transportation, and can effectively compact and support the coil, thus improving the ability of resisting the axial electric force of transformer in sudden short circuit.
7. Energy-saving and environmental protection: folding open core has the characteristics of less material, low magnetoresistance, high power factor, low power line loss, low noise, low leakage magnetic field, zero third harmonic, less pollution of environment and power network, and the lowest no-load loss.
8. Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection
(1) Energy saving
Compared with traditional transformer, folding core oil-immersed transformer has the characteristics of less material, less reluctance and less no-load current. Especially for three-dimensional core, no-load current is reduced by 60%-80% compared with national standard, which improves power factor and reduces power loss. The yoke cross section of the three-dimensional open core is half of the cross section of the core column, which makes the three-dimensional coil core reduce the no-load loss naturally. Make sure no-load loss is minimal.
(2) Environmental protection
Oil-immersed transformer uses oil as insulating medium and can be recovered. It has the characteristics of low noise, low leakage magnetic field and zero third harmonic, which reduces the pollution to environment and power grid.
9, cost
(1) Closed-end transformer coils need to be wound on the core. Gear disassembly and assembly is cumbersome, die installation is complex and not universal. The open transformer coil does not need gears and dies. Consequently, labor costs can be saved.
(3) Labor costs
The core is manufactured automatically by folding open core NC forming machine, which realizes the replacement of manual labor by machinery, reduces the labor cost and improves the production efficiency.