JHZD-400 Folding Open Core Automatic Production Line

JHZD-400 folding open core automatic production line is composed of JH-400 folding core NC forming machine and material handling machine. It is a special equipment for bending, shearing, cutting and stacking of steel strip under the control of CNC system. Production capacity of core is 30KVA ~ 400KVA.


(1) Specification of Uncoiler
A. Maximum load: 2 x 1000kg.
B. Tightening shaft: minimum diameter of coil is 450mm;
Maximum diameter of coil 510mm
C. Speed: Frequency conversion speed regulation 0-40 rpm;
D. Electronic control part: It is controlled by cooperating frequency converter, and has high stability.
(2) Molding Machine
A. Burr of equipment shearing silicon steel sheet: <0.02mm
B. Cutting times: 1 million cutters need to be grinded once, and the grinding requirements are the same as that of cross-cutting line cutters.
C. Production capacity of core is 30KVA-400KVA.
Equipment features:
(a) Processing a single set of silicon steel sheets with a width of less than 400 mm;
(b) Processing of two sets of silicon steel sheets with a width of less than 190 mm;
(c) The equipment has the function of speed regulation, which can be adjusted according to the operator's proficiency in the process of operation. The speed range is 0-0.7m/s.
(d) The tool is made of cemented carbide.
(e) The bending die is made of special steel. Its hardness is very high and the bending effect and service life are guaranteed. The bending angle can be 45 degrees.
(3) Technical parameters for processing silicon steel sheets
Applicable Materials: Cold Rolled Oriented Silicon Steel Coil and Non-Oriented Silicon Steel Sheet
B. Material thickness: 0.18-0.35 mm
3.3 Finished Product Parameters
A. Width of iron core window: 100-280 mm
B. Core window height: 130-400 mm
C. Joint Series: 2-30, i.e. the number of pieces per cycle
D. Distance of staggered joint: 4-30 mm
E. Special packing tools should be used.
F, core weight: 300 kg (1), 200 kg (2)
G. Core column thickness: 20-110 mm
(4) Other parameters of equipment
A. Power supply: 380V/50Hz
B. Gas Source: External, 0.8Mpa
C. Coverage area (about): 10 m long *5 m wide ____________
D. Production Line Direction: From Back to Front
E. Equipment color: blue